Alhamza Wameed AL-YASIRI

B – Elsenborn

From 2008-2010 Alhamza made his Diploma in Audiovisual. In 2011 he finished his Diploma in Technical And Art Directing Television Specialist and in 2012 his Diploma in Cinema, Television And theater Directing in Beirut, Lebanon. He worked as a TV & Cinema Production Manager, Camera Man and Assistant General Manager, Director and Actor in some Musical and Theater Plays in Bagdad and Beirut. Besides, he made experiences as volunteer amongst others at the Ministry of Social Affairs Chiah, the World Vision Lebanon, the Red Cross in Belgium and with a theater play at the Festival „100 Visages" at the „Centre Polyculturel Résistances (cpcr)" in 2016 in Liège, Belgium. In February 2016 he played „The Man who was reading in the trees" - a tale for children at the refugee center in Elsenborn, Belgium.

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